Quick Start Challenge – Week 3

The Process To Make Money

Firstly, congratulations again to everyone on the Wealth Challenge who has made it this far. From the 1000+ who first registered, only 356 got a site up, and now only 150 managed to get a video created. And that includes those that created one without themselves being in it. So if you are here then you are already in the top 15% and ready to start on the next and possibly the most valuable stage.

So what is the next stage? Well, you now have a functioning WordPress blog site, with content being added regularly, and traffic visiting your site. Now you need to start capturing those visitors into an email list by offering them something that they want and value enough to take action.

As a basic minimum, the visitor will go through the following stages:

The Process To Make Money

  1. Traffic driven to the site sees the opt-in form or squeeze page and enters their details
  2. The opt-in page integrates with your auto-responder
  3. The now opted in visitor is sent to a thank you page.
  4. That thank you page and be a simple ‘thank you for subscribing’ or it could be a sales page for an affiliate product, along the lines of ‘you free product has been emailed to you. Whilst you are waiting for it you may be interested in..’
  5. The opt-in details are sent to the auto-responder.
  6. The auto-responder adds it into a specific campaign, which you created when you set up the opt-in offer. You can have multiple campaigns, so if you change your offer magnet you simply create a new campaign if you want to keep the leads separate.
  7. Once in the auto-responder, regular emails go out to the subscriber based on the timeframes you have set up, with the fixed content you had in them.
  8. You can at any time send specific emails to your campaign lists, outside of any regular auto-responder process.

You can see from the diagram that you can start to sell to your list when they sign up as well as later using your auto-responder mails.

With the process clearly defined in your mind, you now need to take action to make it happen. The tasks are:

  • Identify the key lead magnet for your site
  • Create a free offering to give visitors to your site in exchange for their email address
  • Sign up to an auto-responder
  • Add an opt-in link to you site and/or a squeeze page
  • Create a thank you page and deliver the free offer to the opted in visitor
  • Create an ongoing stream of emails to populate the auto-responder.

The above list will take a lot of time to do properly, and you need to view each task as an investment in your site building. Each component builds up into an awesome solution which you will use going forwards to capture visitors and make sales. Most of the tasks are one-off activities, but the more quality time you spend now the greater the rewards will be later.
Note: None of the above tasks have to be fixed. If you want to change and edit your offer, your opt-in methods, your emails etc. you can do so. For now it is important to get something produced and visible to the world. Save perfection for later.
It may initially feel a bit disjointed as it is hard to test until all the bits are in place. Do not be afraid, it looks harder than it is in practice.

Choosing The Optimum Giveaway – Your Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is basically a ‘lead attractor’ that offers something with so much value that visitors are compelled to hand over their email address in order to get it. It acts as a showcase for what you are about and is a great way to attract the right kind of visitors, sharing common goals and ambitions, into you list.

For most sites you will only have one opt-in offer, and that will use your chosen lead magnet to highlights what your site is about.

The purpose of the lead magnet is to get opt-ins from people with a common need, which you can then mail using the auto-responder. It is common to think you need to have multiple offers but in reality you don’t. Your blog should be positioning you to be an expert in a particular area, and the single lead magnet you need to create should be something that offers real value to all your target visitors. Can you imagine how confusing it would be if a visitor had to opt-in multiple times to get different content from your site?

I have created a free report on how to identify the best lead magnet for your site, and then how to create the item you intend to give away that delivers the real value you want your new subscribers to see. It is important that you have the optimum lead magnet wording for the opt-in in order to get visitor to convert into subscribers, but it is also that the item delivered to them exceeds their expectations. You want them to be wowed by it and eager to hear more from you as your auto-responder kicks in, rather than dismayed and looking for that unsubscribe link.

I outline some of the tools and processes to get the opt-in process up and running in the next few posts, and detail some of the tools you can use to really improve conversions over and above the normal levels of most marketers.

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  1. Hello, Simon
    Wow! You are a pro – and you have an amazing site – I could get easily get stuck here for happy hours!
    Onwards and upwards to next week’s challenge in the Quick Start Challenge.

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