Quick Start Challenge – Week 4

Quick Start Week 4

Once again, congratulations to everyone on the Quick Start Challenge who have now made it this far. From the 1000+ who first registered, only 356 got a site up, only 150 managed to get a video created, and it seems that less than 80 managed to get their opt-in page up. And that includes those that created and opt-in page that doesn’t even link anywhere when you click submit.

I think those figures reflect how difficult the work was in week 3, especially as there was no blueprint to follow to at least get everyone up and running with a working site. A huge opportunity has been missed in helping these fellow bloggers and that is why I chose to give away a marketers blueprint in order to help as many as possible fulfil their destiny.

Quick Start Week 4

But overall, Week 4 of the Challenge came and what a disappointment it was to most people. I think everyone was expecting more constructive stuff to do. What we got was a summary of how important subscription services could be to our revenue streams and then a regular and subtle pre-sale for a high cost affiliate scheme called iPro.

Outside of this blatant pre-sales pitch, there were three nuggets to take away that anyone who has got this far should know.

  1. There is nothing more to do. Keep on keeping on.
  2. Add an offer to your thank you page, It’s the one place everyone will see.
  3. Offer affiliate subscription products if possible, the recurring revenues require zero work.

The first one may come as a surprise to many, but in reality you DO now have all the elements in place.  You need to keep on driving traffic to your site, which means hours a day commenting in forums and getting the visitors.  Its boring, but it works.  And it’s free.

The offer on your thank you page is an obvious one, but rarely done by new bloggers because they have set their sites up as a startup and not expecting large numbers of visitors.  There is nothing wrong with this, as the process is pretty much the same.  Sure, for now you may be leaving money on the table, but first you really need to understand the process.  Only then can you start to tweek things to work harder for you.

Lastly, sell recurring billing products to make more money.  Duh, yeah.  But so far no one has even spoken about where to find good quality products, let alone quality recurring products.  I have a whole post on that alone, but as you are starting out its not a big priority.

Your priority should be getting people to click on your optin and to subscribe to your list.  From that point on you can start to have a quality dialog with them, and prove to yourself that you have an optin that works.

Right now you need to think about offering the right lead magnet, and then populating your autoresponder with the right content.  Starting out always feels strange, but your visitors won’t know that.  So if you haven’t got any products to sell them as an affiliate yet, set up an autoresponder series offering them tips and links back to your own website.  Nothing is set in stone so you can edit your autoresponder sequence at any time.

The Week 5 Task is just to turn up.  I really hope that it is not just a sales pitch, but an hour or two of quality input as to how to improve our sites.  Either way, we have now got website started from scratch that have visitors and get people to optin to our list.  From here on, we own our own destiny.

7 thoughts on “Quick Start Challenge – Week 4”

  1. Hi Simon,
    Time has really gone quickly and plenty of work has been done in between. I’ve also got used to weekly challenges and not having a real one for the last, bonus week makes me feel a bit dissapointed. However, with that bonus week or not the end would inevitably come so we have to get used to being on our own and apply what we have learnt so far. I am doing my best to create a habit of daily blog hoping on the sites that I find value for myself as well. Hope to stay in touch, Rino

  2. Hey, Simon, good thoughts on what to prioritize. I’m right with you on that!

    Your remark, “Your priority should be getting people to click on your optin and to subscribe to your list” struck a positive chord as I had already been thinking about what kind of lead magnet would be impossible to turn down, you know?

    ~ Barbara

    1. The lead magnet – or first quality information, needs to be congruent with what your site is all about. It needs to be informative and leave the reader willing to read another one (that’s in day 2 auto responder) As to what it should be? Every site is different so I don’t think there is a majic solution.

  3. Hi Simon! Wow, the numbers of folks taking action dropped drastically! Personally, doing the video was nerve wracking but doing the opt in was definitely more challenging since we did not have steps 1,2.3,etc Nice of you to provide the blueprint! I’m still working on the autoresponder email series. Once I get that more fine tuned will start doing comments outside of our group! Appreciate your support in the fb group!

    1. I have been asked so many times to create a step-by-step video on how to set up the optin and auto responder. Many felt they were abandoned on week 3 and set up to fail. I am sure with the right training tool people would have seen it through.

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