Running to Keep Up with the Auto Sender?

Empty Auto Responder

OMG! You got your first real optin signup.

The notification came into your inbox and now you are dancing around the room. Your site works and the first optin email has been set up. As the excitement fades you suddenly realise: I need to deliver them regular emails; my auto responder is empty!

If you auto responder looks like this then you need to start writing.

Empty Auto Responder

You can set up mails for each day, or every other day, or whatever schedule you want. I would suggest every day, and use each one to build up brand value with your subscribers. It is by regular mailing that you can get the subscribers trust, and then be able to offer them products to buy that make you profits.

Get Writing

Not sure how to write the mail? Or the best sequence of information to sales? I suggest you sign up to the free offers from and site you like, and then see how their mails look as they send them to you each day using their auto responder.

Get a sense of the style, layout, and tone of their mails.

If you don’t have any suitable affiliate offers yet to send your base then don’t worry. Write a mail that gives them some great information and a useful link back to your site.

If you find yourself a bit behind in populating the auto responder, then I would suggest you start by creating a mail a few days ahead of the sequence, maybe day 3 or 5. This will mean that anyone who has joined now, and missed the day 2 post because it wasn’t ready will get something the next day. Then go back and fill in the missing days.

It takes time to create your auto responder mails. They need to be short and readable, not long sales letters, and they need to have killer subject lines.

Think of the mails you get and read every day. As I said before, get a sense of the style, layout, and tone of the mails that you open and read. If possible, link back to your blog if you have a lot to say, as this is the best place for great content and makes your subscribers see you as an authority. Obviously to do this you need blog content written as well, so it is a time consuming effort to get set up. But once done, the rewards will come in.

Rules For Selling

The standard rules for sales emails are:

  • Mix of Information and sales messages, ratio 2:1 or better
  • No more than 3 sales products a month
  • Pre-sell your sales message
  • Post Re-inforce your sales message

Make your sales offers seem natural, not forced. There is an art to this, and a formula for delivery which I will show in an eBook that I am working on at the moment.

Note: Remember that people who buy from your list are then added into a buyers list so that you can market to them again but differently from the standard subscribers list. It allows you to have a conversation with then on the product they bought and give them more sales offers relevant to them.

Revisit Your Mails

There is nothing to stop you going back and editing your auto responder emails, to bring them up to date or change an offer. So if you set up a load with information, then feel free to go back and change one to an offer if you have one.

This is key to keeping all your messages fresh and relevant. You need to sign up to your own auto responder and check the messages each day.

Are the affiliate offers still valid? Some are long lived, such as WordPress plugin or theme sales, but others may only run for a few weeks or months and then expire. Check that your offers are still valid.

Hot Offers?

Got a really hot offer that won’t last long? Use the ‘direct mail’ sender to notify your subscribers. You use this method for mailing list swops and it is very successful if done right. There is a whole area of skill involved in create good sales letters, usually done over a few days to build up the excitement and urgency for the product. I will say more on this in another post.

So now you know what to do, and you have a subscriber who has opted in to get your messages. So go and start populating your auto responder now.

2 thoughts on “Running to Keep Up with the Auto Sender?”

    1. Its a hard slog for now as I put the quality posts onto the blog and reference them in the emails. Its a lot of writing!

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