This Will Take Hours – If It’s Done Right!

It never ceases to amaze me how many people that say they want to make money never want to make the effort to do so. I hope you are not one of these people.

Sometimes friends or acquaintances ask me what I do as they never seem to see me work. They want to know my ‘secret’ to making money as they would love my lifestyle, thinking how easy it must be not having to commute and to be your own boss. So I thought that today I would share the hours it has taken to get this blog to where it is now, and what is expected for us to do over the next weeks in order to be successful.

Ignoring the setup time, as that is a one-off thing, my days are broken down as follows:

  • 1 hour Write a quality post (it takes me longer but I’m optimistic here)
  • 1 hour Commenting on other peoples blogs (see my results here)
  • 1 hour Writing quality answers on Forums

So I spend 3 hours a day just adding to my site content and driving free traffic to it.

Now, if we want to successfully build a mailing list then we also need to create a regular mail message to the subscribers. Mail messages may be shorts but they need crafting with real skill; let’s say an hour a message, and you need a regular flow out from your auto responder.

  • 1 hour Writing a quality mail for the auto responder

So before you have done any keyword research, blog development, web surfing or any of the many background things you need to do to be successful, you are already doing 4 hours a day of serious keyboard work on your blog.

As you start out, you probably have to do this alongside your regular job, and that will be hard for many. You must never lose sight of the ultimate goal, which is to develop your blog to build a residual income stream so that you can leave your job. Work now, reward later.

From where you are on the Challenge, your first $ profit could be only 2 weeks away.

From the 1000 who registered, 356 got to create a blog and share it with us, and in week three only 150 completed the task to create a video. I am sure we will drop to around 100 with the next challenge. It’s a sad fact of life that most people prefer to keep doing the same thing and hope for change, rather than actually making it happen themselves.

So When Do I Work?

I am just not a morning person. I like a leisurely start to the day, at my home office desk by 10am, check my emails and see what’s happening in the world. That includes checking my blog site traffic and making sure everything is OK. Then maybe go for a cycle or run, catch up on other stuff and think about lunch, often with friends in Town. They think I have nothing to do. But as it heads to the evening, my brain focusses on work. Again I check the site stats and start to write a post that is relevant to my visitors. Next I look through the forums and write replies where I have something to offer. My signature at the bottom of my reply will get traffic to my site, but I only want quality traffic, so I only respond to sensible questions with a quality reply. The questions people ask often lead to ideas for posts so I copy them into notepad to refer to later. I do a few blog comment posts, but I find these don’t work as well as forums so I now put more time into those instead. (to see why click here)
Then it’s onto mail writing and scheduling, and then onto site maintenance and working with other blogs, affiliates and JV’s to create broader promotion and marketing plans. Sounds grand; I bet they are all working from home too, trying to be successful just like you.

Sundays are great days to publish a new post. Why? Because it is the day most people think about the return to their boring work on Monday and start to look around for better ways to make money. I am sure you can relate to that.

To create your Sunday post means you either need to work over the weekend, or write posts during the week and schedule them for release on Sunday. This is easy to do in WordPress, and the option is just above the ‘publish’ button. It helps to have a few posts ready to go that you can release on days you don’t write anything or just want a day off.

But do you think you can really take a day off from creating traffic or content so early in your blogs life? The following chart is my traffic for the first week of the site creation. Can you tell which day I wasn’t around to do anything? I bet you can!

Google Day Off

So let’s stick with it, the results are worth it and the money is so close you can almost smell it. Here’s to your first $ online.

2 thoughts on “This Will Take Hours – If It’s Done Right!”

  1. Hi Simon, Great Blog! You are working hard on this, and I am sure that it is proving worth the effort. I am at the stage when I don’t have all that much time to do this, hence only just getting round to commenting on QSC blogs. I know that the end result will be dependent on how much work I put in, so I will be growing the amount of time over the next few weeks, hopefully!

    1. Look out for my post on the commenting. Its overdue I know but will be up in a day. The results are frightening.

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