Why Most Internet Marketers Are Magpies

Internet Marketers are often like magpies. They go for the shiny objects because they want to get the promised quick money and one click push route to riches. They want to believe the dream that the offer in front of them is the fast-track solution to all their needs and for such a small investment it is sure to be worth it.

Shiny New

And just like a magpie will hoard its things, these same internet marketers will have a hoard of previously purchased shiny objects, all cluttering their hard drives with ebooks, videos, audio files, software and all the other stuff they were given.

Not forgetting all the ‘bonus’ stuff that was added in, just in case the promise of one click automation that makes you millions overnight wasn’t enough for you.

Only 1% of internet marketers make money, meaning 99% ar just spinning their wheels dreaming.

So why do people believe in these fastrack push button dreams? Well it comes down to the fact that the cost of entry to internet marketing is zero. Zip. Nada. You don’t need premises, you don’t need any shop or store, and you don’t need to make anything.

Anyone, and I mean anyone, can create a blog site for free on blogger.com, add some content, add some links to an affiliate product and start to make money.

And so the belief begins that if it is free to start up, it must also be simple to do. After all, starting for free is a lot simpler than trying to raise money to establish a more regular bricks and mortar store. The marketer enthusiastically creates a website, dreams how they will soon be living the high life, and after a few weeks they have sold nothing.

They get frustrated. Then the marketers’ ego kicks in. They believe that everyone else is making money but not them, so they must just be missing something. As they look at different internet marketing sites they see offers that promise to reveal the ‘hidden secrets’ or ‘missing pieces’ that will turn their fortunes around. Wrapped up in shiny videos and wild promises they go for the buy button. The vicious circle of despair-ego-buy completes when the latest shiny promise doesn’t deliver and they start looking for another fix.

After a period of time most internet marketers just ‘fade away’, no longer looking at their site or the numerous offers of shiny things that they get in their email every day. A change of email address and it is all history for them. Others just get more frustrated, claiming that nothing works for them, and go away bitter from the experience. Less than 1% decide to re-evaluate their performance and continue.

It is no surprise then that only 1% of internet marketers make money.

So what change do these 1% make that gets them on the route to make money?

  • Firstly, they accept that keeping on doing the same thing isn’t going to work. At some point you have to say ‘enough is enough’
  • They accept that they need a blueprint or roadmap for their success. A clearly defined structure, laid out and justifiable helps to motivate and support marketers on what will be a long but worthwhile journey.
  • They accept that it will take work to do. View making money on the web as a real job, where you get paid by the amount of constructive effort you make.
  • They accept that they need discipline to do the work. If you think an hour a week is enough then you will fail. Expect about 3 hours a day as an absolute minimum.
  • They accept that they need a mentor. Never underestimate the power of mentoring. A good mentor will give the full blueprint, and then take them through each stage. They will also act as a motivator, who will monitor their performance and not accept anything less than the best they are capable of.

So if you are currently stuck in the 99% and want to move up, then you know what to do. But only you can make the decision to re-evaluate your position and take positive action.

2 thoughts on “Why Most Internet Marketers Are Magpies”

  1. Hi Simon,

    You nailed this article…. I once had shiny object syndrome…. It’s almost like an addiction, where you have to break the addiction…meaning get off way TOO many email lists, especially the ones who never provide content and the email is always about the next best thing..

    YES, finding a mentor is of utmost importance. ACTION is the key and it looks like you have a great website going on. Great to have met you in the QSC. I look forward to more great content.

    Spreading the love,


  2. After reading this post I was kind of angry. Angry for falling in such a circle of losing money and time in the past but Glad that I kept on fight and now I think I am on the right path because out of the 5 ways the 1% make that gets them on the route to make money, I am failing at this time with just one and that is having a mentor. But at the moment it way out of my reach to have a mentor but will be investing on that as soon as I have the means.Great post

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